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About Atom

Dear God. You must hear this

With a solid bassline and explosive voice, they strike again with Atom to burn the floor!

is a beast track


Ess Noite Nari & Milani tão quebrando tudo com a Track Atom que ta sensacional
for the love of Christ,
atom released
who’s that Adam song you love ?
if someone dislikes this i’m punching them in the face personally
such a banger
OMG what have i come across!
That drop is dirty as fuck
such a sick drop wow
I remember i was standing and this guy said BLAST in the beginning of the song and i told my self damm lemme get it moving ahhh best night ever with the best people ever
Drop is epic. So glad I was there for this.
Was searching for this song endlessly from the second i heard it right up until now, holy fuck is all i can say.
it’s something inevitable when you hear to this say ”oh my god”
Atom also contains powerful, high-pitched synth lines to precede a throbbing drop. Embodying their well-known predilection to widespread dynamics along the lines of anthemic synth-filled leads in conjunction with large bass drops, the duo of Italian derivation indicate an excellent production knack in their fresh Size signing that discerns itself with an explosive emittance of energy and exotically bumpy sounds.

You first heard this charging club tune early on at Swedish House Mafia’s beyond legendary excursion at Club MSG, and now you can hear it once again! I was certainly caught off guard that night by the surrounding aura and intensity during those first 20 minutes, having no clue what this track and Nari & Milani’s “Atom” were. That’s really what I love the most about shows — not knowing the new tracks and feeling them for the first time.  This track has been rumored to be titled “Inks” or “Venom”, but let’s just leave it at “ID” until we receive further word the mafia themselves.

Right from the start, we feel a fist-pumping progression that immediately sets the tone in loosening those muscles and lubricating those joints for what lies ahead. We are promptly swept by the valiant surge of an arena-infused synth lead that will certainly create an epic atmosphere and induce hysteria at many big festivals/events/shows to come!

please, do leave atom!

this is pure epicness!!!


this is atom.